outdoor dreaming...

now that our kitchen is completed it is time to move on to new projects!!! we made major efforts in beautifying our backyard last year, but we know we can do better. the above five pictures are some of my favorite pins in my "outdoor" file. this summer we hope to build a new fence, do something with our deteriorating shed, add more outdoor seating, add pea gravel in certain spots, and create a play space for junie. overall i'd like the space to have a relaxed modern, yet bohemian vintage-y vibe!!

on my list to buy: 
the above white chair from ikea, i love it!!
2 more dining chairs (like picture #3, we have 4)
an umbrella
globe lights
a couple of metal horse troughs

on my list to find:
a wicker love seat
a metal coffee table
more wooden stumps (i have 3)
unique pots
a fun lawn ornament 

plants I'd like to grow:
more zinnias and dahlias
hydrangeas (green)
more cactus'

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