week 7/52...

7/52                      it snowed!!!



6/52         yoshi and junie.



5/52              baseball, forts, and balloon.


bunch crochet club...

i will be teaching crochet again on thursdays at the art room!! classes are open to all ages 5 and up and will be from 4-5:30 pm, cost is $60 for the month/4 classes.
if you have any questions email me (nicci) at bunchcollective@gmail.com



week 4/52          we said to goodbye to our washington visitors.


week 3/52       officially three years old.


week 2/52       still rocking christmas jammies.


week 1/52      junie moved into a new room to start the year!
i've loved this 52 project all the bloggers were doing last year and i decided i wanted to join in on the fun.


goals: be happy 2014

it is now half way through january and this life just keeps going faster and faster. i wrote down some notes on what i want from my 2014. there is lots so much i want to learn, experience, and achieve... but mostly i want to slow down and enjoy.

here are some notes i jotted down on new year's day!

i would like to learn more about pottery, screen printing, shed building, gardening, and composting.

i would like to do more yoga, meditation, cooking, walking, crocheting, and traveling.

i would like be more intentional about exercise, limiting phone time, and spending money (initially i didn't want to buy anything new, but that was a little too much)

cheers to a new year!!


junie is three...

holy moly where did the last 3 years go...