1. start landscaping yard.
2. install fence around backyard.
3. host a party with invites.
4. grow vegetables.
5. grow raspberries.
6. learn to can.
7. build a larger compost.
8. go for a walk every morning.
9. make a quilt.
10. go to d.c.
11. start an etsy store.
12. only buy one new item a month. (only purchases have to be thrifted/handmade) 
13. make cards and send them out for all occasions.
14. make a cookbook.
15. grow indoor plants.
16. hang out with jackie and mle on the westcoast.
17. print my own fabric.
18. read a book a month.
19. crochet a chevron pattern afghan.
20. cut monthly bills down by 30%.
21. make new christmas decorations.
22. make prints of my dad's slides.
23. take a picture everyday.
24. make a piece of clothing from a pattern.
25. start dehydrating fruit.
26. take a honeymoon.
27. have a baby.
28. relax more.
29. devise the perfect plan to get back on the west coast and move to portland...

chanel painting by solomon
i did this list last year and it helped me to focus on ideas/goals i wanted to accomplish. i finished over half of the list and some of ideas have carried over to this year, we'll see how it goes.

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