here's a sneak at a new project i'm working on...concepts for the company -picking orr- they will be selling knits and felts. i'm playing around with concept, packaging, and a soon to be etsy store opening early next year. this company is my mother and best friend from high school, they live like 500 miles away from eachother but they talk everyday and share knitting ideas. they have so much back stock of knitted goods that they really need to sell to make room for new stuff...i think they are addicted to the yarn buying too!!


robyn said...

me and janine thought of a new name, Knits and prints..that way i can sell my pictures too!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say you should sell your stuff on Etsy! My girlfriend stumbled upon Etsy about a month ago and said "Gosh your cousin needs to be on here!" We follow your blog. Just letting you know that you rock :) Keep up the awesome work!

And I like Picking Orr