28 things to do before 29...

1.start a blog (check)
2.make a quilt
3.pay off all debt (check)
4.start a website
5.grow an herb garden (check)
6.quit the nicotine (check)
7.go to savannah, ga
8.go to new york
9.make christmas gifts early (check)
10.make a book for my nephews
11.grow tomatoes (check)
12.read 4 books (check)
13.make a compost bin (check)
14.grow raspberries
15.learn to knit (check)
16.change name completely
17.refurbish a lamp (check)
18.go to greenville, sc
19.go to a concert (check)
20.make re-usable grocery bags
21.alter clothing (check)
22.ride a train
23.make a recipe book
24.bake a pie (check)
25.practice yoga everyday
26.become more eco-friendly (check)
27.eat breakfast everyday
28.re-furbish a piece of furniture (check)

i love making lists...i think my mother handed this down to me because my sister loves to make the lists too.


Anonymous said...

tru dat!! I was reading and thinking to myself I really need to make a list like this... mine may be a little more realistic :)

Anonymous said...

I can help with a few things on this list! Specifically #'s 2, 10(fabric book), 15 (I mede a beanie!), and 20... Working on getting you that fabric now!